Is “being found out that you don’t have it all together” what’s holding you back from getting the help you need?


Work with me, a professional organizer, from the comfort of your own home, on your schedule, and without me having to come in to see those clutter piles in person.  Together, we can bust through that procrastination barrier that is holding you back.


Learn Organizing Basics

Learn basic organizing principles as you step through the process of organizing a space together

Set Goals

Set organizing goals and complete your projects

Coach & Cheerleader

Your personal coach to help you uncover the reasons, behaviors, and obstacles behind your clutter

Plans and Pricing

Through virtual coaching sessions, you will:

•  Learn basic organizing principles as you step through the process of organizing a space together.  This includes receiving a copy of the GO PRO – 4A’s to Organize Anything Guide.

•  Have a sounding board to help you uncover the reasons, behaviors, and obstacles behind your clutter and organizing challenges

•  Have a coach to encourage you to set and achieve your organizing goals

•  Have a cheerleader to motivate and support you

•  Have access to the Organize DIY Insider’s Private Facebook group

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Dana is very focused on problem solving and is extremely creative and organized.  She assisted me during a business startup giving me strategies to organize all of my projects. In addition, she taught me ways to leverage MS Outlook to better manage my priorities.  She was a valuable member of my team and she can help you solve your organizing problems by brainstorming ideas with you and then cheering you as you complete the steps.


Karen – Physical Therapy


Dana makes organizing fun, engaging, educational, and possible! She is encouraging, engaging, and full of strategies to help you. I’ve noticed that the areas I’ve decluttered, I’m taking extra steps to ensure they stay that way. It feels so good to see the progress I’ve made as well as how easy it is to keep it up. I’m totally pumped and can’t wait to start organizing the rest of my home with Dana!


Harley Raptor – Oklahoma

We worked on several projects together and I found her to be thorough, well organized, detail oriented, and professional. She is an expert in finding solutions and executing them to the fullest. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future. 


Patty – Birmingham, Alabama

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Virtual Organizing Process?

Virtual Organizing is a way to utilize the knowledge, skills, and experience of a professional organizer no matter where you live, how hectic your schedule, and without the worries of physically inviting someone into your home or office.   It’s never been easier to get customized, individualized, organizing advice when you need it.

Correspondence and organizing sessions are conducted through the use of technology such as phone consultations, email, zoom, instant message, Skype, or Facetime.

Here’s how a the virtual organizing process works …

Together we will:

1.  Identify possible areas or spaces to organize and set priorities.

2.  Create a realistic action plan and project timeline to help you reach your organizing goals within a specific time frame

3.  Meet virtually on a regular basis to gauge your progress, answer questions, overcome procrastination or other obstacles, and brainstorm solutions.

4.  We are organizing partners and I help hold you accountable with gentle nudges and reminder.  I’m here to be your personal coach and cheerleader throughout the process!

Are Virtual Organizing Services right for you?

This service is ideal for a person who: 

•  Is a self-motivated Do-It-Yourselfer who completes organizing projects own your own, but would like guidance from a professional organizer.

•  Someone with limited or no access to a local professional organizer

•  Has time or financial constraints.

•  Needs flexibility to work at your own pace completing project steps as your schedule allows.

•  Is new to working with a professional organizer and wants to try out the service without a large financial commitment.

• Is willing to think outside of the box and get organized through the use of technology such as exchanging ideas through videoo consultations, email, Zoom,  Skype, or Facetime.

What is the Virtual Organizer's Role?

As your partner in organizing, I’ll assist in developing a personalized organizational plan of action that you are comfortable with and that’s designed to fit with your schedule, lifestyle, or business needs.

•  In the most supportive and empathic way possible, I’ll help you find solutions to any roadblocks or barriers so that you can quickly overcome the frustration and indecisiveness that sometimes accompanies the organizing process.  No need to be embarrassed to ask simple questions.  After all, I need your input as we figure out what organizing methods work best for you.

•  I will provide answers and feedback in a timely manner.

• I’ll cheer you on and gently encourage you to keep moving ahead on your project – your success is my success.

•  Your privacy is important to me and I’ll not share your personal information, project details, or pictures on my website, community, or social media. However, you will be proud of your accomplishments and, if you give your written permission, we can show off your success (without displaying any identifying information).

•  Your time is valuable and my purpose is to help you reach your organizing goals in a positive way.  If I am not qualified to give you the services you need, I will be open and honest with you letting you know I’m not the right person for the job.

What is the Client's role?

•  In order to achieve your organizing goals, you will need to be willing to commit to our agreed upon organizing plan of action and complete the homework steps necessary in a timely manner.

•  Be open and honest with me about your project progress letting me know the good, bad, messy, and neat.

•  Even though clutter containment and getting organized is serious business, be willing to laugh and have fun with the process. Organizing is on-going and ever changing process – so let’s enjoy ourselves

• Send update emails and pictures by the agreed upon date so that I can evaluate ways to assist you.

•  Utilize your organizing services by the expiration date.

How do I purchase services?

•  Review the packages of virtual organizing services. If you have questions, email me at so we can schedule a call prior to your purchase.

•  Make your service selections by clicking on “Buy Now” to get started.

•  Once the payment is processed, you will receive a self-assessment questionnaire to complete and return prior to our first virtual meeting.  These questions will help us to identify the exact organizing project to start with and help us to begin to uncover the root cause of the organizing challenges.

•  I’ll contact you by email or phone to arrange our first virtual organizing session.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

Frequent Organize DIYer Discount

Earn discounts by organizing room by room. By purchasing an additional package prior the expiration of the active project, you can save up to 25% off. Ask for details.
Gift Certificates Available upon request

Privacy and Code of Ethics

Your privacy and personal information is our top priority. As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), we uphold the Napo Code of Ethics.

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