Start your organizing journey with us!  You’re stressed, overworked, and overloaded.  You’ve tried unsuccessfully to get organized, but instead ended up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. How many times have you given up before accomplishing your organizing goals?

Start Your Organizing Journey Now

Getting organized is not one project; rather it’s steps in a journey that happen over time.  It’s a process, it’s fluid, and ever changing, because your organizing needs are constantly changing as you move through life stages. I’m excited for us to start this journey together and I want you to start you off on the right foot. Follow the steps below to get started now!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3… 4

Step 1

Get Your Free Tools

As you begin to get organized, it’s important to have a good set of tools. Click here to get my free toolbox and let’s get started.Get Your Free Toolkit

Step 3


Connect with other Organize DIYers on Facebook. Join our free Organize DIY Insiders Facebook group.  We are having a blast sharing tips, tricks, and professional advice.

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Step 2

Learn the Organizing Process

Let’s do our first project together – organizing a drawer.  This self-paced 3 video training will teach you 4 easy steps to organize anything.Organize in 4 easy steps

Step 4


As you tackle bigger organizing projects, click here for ideas.

View Tutorials for Ideas

Professional versus Amateur

There is a difference between an Amateur getting organized and a Professional Organizer! There are fundamental pieces of this puzzle that an amateur might be missing that could make or break a organizing project.

Professional Organizers seem to have the magic touch. With the wave of a hand, they can sort, group, and create an organized space. They make it seem so easy.

Organizing Like an Amateur

Amateur doesn’t prepare, but rather jumps in to organizing.

An Amateur can be reactive in nature, starting projects when under fire (organizing when misplacing important items, threat of job loss, or when significant other is upset).

An Amateur approaches projects randomly, reinventing the organizing method each time.

An Amateur looks at ‘being organized’ as an all or nothing endeavor. You’re either successful or you’re not!

Organizing Like a Professional

A Pro understands that the secret sauce is in the preparation, the organizing plan, and the follow up.

A Pro helps the client evaluate if they are emotionally ready for the project. Sometimes you are, but depending on the situation, sometimes you need to wait. If your head’s not in the game, you’re not set up for success.

A Pro uses a time tested organizing methodology to identify projects they wish to complete and the order in which to do them.

A Pro remembers that there will be immediate successes and at other times bumps in the road.  Organizing is a journey and not a race. 

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