How to start an organizing project?

Simple! 1 pile, 1 task, and 1 timer set for 10 minutes.

Most people are so overwhelmed with the idea of starting a project, that they never actually do it. I suggest that you look to your left, and then to your right. Do you see a pile? If so, start with that one.

Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and start sorting through your pile.  Why a timer?  By setting a timer, you can give yourself permission to work on this pile for 10 minutes and then stop. Most likely, you will get into the organizing groove and keep going.

A great way to approach a big project is to break it up into manageable steps. Each “step” is a smaller organizing project or a building block to help you reach your organizing goals.

Benefits of breaking up projects into small tasks:

  • See fast results
  • Begin to immediately incorporate your solutions rather than having to wait until your entire project is complete.
  • Be able to practice your organizing skills
  • Celebrate a success
  • Easily take on bigger projects with the confidence of knowing that you will succeed.

Before long, those small steps will have helped you organize that entire kitchen without the dread, stress, and frustration that you may have experienced in the past when trying to get organized.


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