Praise From - Gayle Yatawara, MD

“I was so excited to do Dana’s 5 in 5 challenge, because she promised that I’d be able to get past my procrastination by using her simple program….and she was right!  By doing 5 small projects and getting those areas organized, I feel motivated to keep going and I realized that I don’t have to spend hours to feel organized and accomplished.  I highly recommend working with Dana!  She’ll get you on the right track.”

Jennifer - Lilburn, Georgia

“Dana has a natural talent for organizing. She came to my home and spent a full day helping me work through ideas to better organize my home. Being a working Mom with two kids makes it very hard to keep up with all the bills, communications back and forth to school, mail/paper, etc. She asked great questions to help us both start thinking of ideas and prioritizing what needed to be tackled first. By the time she left my home we had moved furniture to create a nice little office space for myself, written down a slew of ideas for organizing the kids rooms, implemented a filing system, and created a “flow” of how paper comes into the house and leaves it again. All I can say is AMAZING!!! I’d recommend her to anyone that needs to get organized and doesn’t feel like they have the time. Dana can come in and work magic – trust me. She’ll have you feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders”

5 in 5 Challenge Participant - Harley Raptor

“Organizing always feels like such a daunting task. You sit in a room surrounded by clutter and you have no idea where to start. With Dana’s 5-in-5, I was hoping that I would end up conquering a few areas to help make progress in my organizational goals. The challenge sets you up for success. With small tasks that take under 15 minutes to do, you really have no reason to not get them done. Plus, it is so encouraging to be able to check off a part of your life as being organized. Dana makes organizing fun, engaging, educational, and possible! She is encouraging, engaging, and full of strategies to help you. I’ve noticed that the areas I’ve decluttered, I’m taking extra steps to ensure they stay that way. It feels so good to see the progress I’ve made as well as how easy it is to keep it up. I’m totally pumped and can’t wait to start organizing the rest of my home with Dana!”


Tonya - Newnan, Georgia

“I have worked with Dana for several projects.  I can assure you she is very professional, trustworthy, has excellent organizational skills, makes sound decisions, puts the customer first, effectively juggles multiple projects, is a great leader, communicates very well with diverse audiences, and is very action oriented. She won’t let you down! “


Learn Organizing Basics

Learn organizing principles as we step through a project together.

Key Elements

I teach you the secrets that only Professional Organizers know that you’ve always wanted to.

Stop Procrastinating

I help you set organizing goals, so that you will complete your projects in a timely manner.

Personalized Service

Imagine having your very own organizing coach to help you uncover the reasons, behaviors, and obstacles behind your clutter.

What’s Virtual Organizing?

Virtual Organizing is a new cutting edge method making it possible for me to share my organizing knowledge, skills, and experience with you without us having to schedule an in-person meeting. It’s great for busy moms on the go.

You learn from your own home, on your schedule and without worries of someone coming in your home to see your clutter in person.  It’s never been easier to get customized, individualized, organizing advice when you need it at a price point created for the Do-It-Yourselfer.

Correspondence and organizing sessions are conducted through the use of technology such  email, zoom, Facebook groups, Skype, Facetime, or phone consultation. By leveraging technology, your time zone and location doesn’t matter.

Let’s Get Organized Together!

Self Paced Learning

I can teach you how to organize anything in 4 simple steps. Learn it once, and use it again and again to organize everything from a junk drawer to your cluttered garage.

I’ve prepared 3 quick videos and a printable guide to help you master this technique. I call this program, GO PRO – 4A Approach to Organize Anything,because professional organizers have secret methods that you need know in order to easily organize your clutter.

Don’t let your clutter stop you from enjoying life! I’ll help you get your groove back.

Create Your Own Adventure

Design your package to meet your organizational needs. Individual organizing training and coaching to help you overcome barriers to success.

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