I need organizing ideas for how to organize my laundry room.  I think I need some shelves, but my challenge is that people walk through this area to get to the garage.  How do I make this area inviting and not cluttered? 

Do you have any advice on types of cabinets or shelves for a laundry room makeover on a budget?

I received this question from a Organize DIYer.  If you have a organizing dilemma, send me an email at


Two options for storage in the laundry room are open or closed storage (aka shelves or cabinets).

Open storage, such as wire or wooden shelves, can be a cost effective method for creating storage. I recommend using baskets or bins (with labels) to keep a uniformed look.

For closed storage, I would suggest you consider installing cabinets up to the ceiling – if possible. If you must leave open space above the cabinets, consider storing seldom used items such as suitcases, off season clothing, or bedding in that open wasted space. Make sure to label all bins or baskets for easy identification.

I love this example of shelves from I heart Organizing.

Few other Laundry Room Makeover ideas:

  • Hide those appliances using doors.

Organized Laundry Room


Hide your appliances with louver doors.  Cool idea for a laundry room open to view. From Southern

  • Add some Bling!  Install a chandelier, or colorful wall art. The Laundry Room is a well used space, why not make if fun!

  • Create a temporary home for your “OUT ITEMS” . Those items that you are saving for donation, a garage sale, or to give away.  The laundry room is a great place to store these items.  Label bins, boxes or even laundry baskets and hide them up and out of the way.

Stacking Laundry Organizer


Build your own laundry organizer as shown here from Ana White.  Add wheels for ease of use.

  • Go vertical and use the wall space for storing laundry baskets.


Stacking Laundry Baskets to save space.

I loved this image that I found on, but there was no website attached to offer credit for this great idea.

Stacking Laundry Baskets to organize your laundry room
  • Use your laundry machines to create an instant table to fold items. Make a table top using a piece of board, plywood, or an old door and then use paint or stain / poly to give it a finished look.

Organized Laundry - Counter space

Counter Idea by Mobile Home Living

  • Built in shelving within the studs. I love the idea of shelves built within the studs’ and the laundry room may be a cool place to use that idea to store items.

    If you don’t build doors, you could even use a cute easy sew roman shade curtain over it if you were concealing laundry or cleaning supplies.  Neat! Click for directions for the build from Family Handman.

Build between the studs

On a budget?  Lowes, Home Depot, and Ikea have great cabinet options for a storage room or laundry room. I’ve used Ikea cabinets in several projects and have been pleased with the outcome. Ikea offers a good value for the price. Make sure to take a look at their website and locate a store near you.

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