Traditionally, Do-It-Yourself has meant amateurish methods and learning through mistakes.  Not anymore!  We’re going pro, baby!  I’ll going to teach you the organizing methods and techniques that professional organizers use with their clients.  The secret sauce, if you will. Learn to get organized like a professional on a Do-It-Yourselfer’s budget. 

“An organized environment creates CLARITY, and clarity attracts SUCCESS.”


I’m here for you! Learn how to get organized with me.

Do any of these below resonate with you? If so, its no wonder we’ve connected.

  • You’re overwhelmed with stuff and not sure how to pare it down.

  • Your brain is jam packed with so many potential organizing projects that you get frustrated just trying to figure out which to do first.

  • You get so overwhelmed by the state of your house or office, that you abandon the idea of getting organized before you even start.

  • The idea of making a list stresses you out.

  • You are mad at your family for all their clutter, and resent having to organize their stuff.

Dana has a natural talent for organizing. She came to my home and spent a full day helping me work through ideas to better organize my home. Being a working Mom with two kids makes it very hard to keep up with all the bills, communications back and forth to school, mail/paper, etc. She asked great questions to help us both start thinking of ideas and prioritizing what needed to be tackled first.

Jennifer - Lilburn, Georgia

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